Flora Greysteel EP

by Flora Greysteel

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“Oranges and lemons” say the bells of St Clement’s Make lemonade, but you can’t pay me in fruit When the taxman is coming and I owe him money Your smiles and your promises do me no good For months you’ve been saying tomorrow’s the day That you’ll pay me and all will turn out for the best But the bills are amassing and tax is increasing Banks are displaying far too much interest “When will you pay me?” say the bells of old Bailey They’re hungry and clamouring out for your blood But I’ve had enough of your arrogant bluffing When blustering won’t make the bureaucrats budge Your sheepish smile is not convincing me Of anything you choose to tell me You say you are so much better than anyone else You poor thing, your least sin is deluding yourself Here comes the candle to light you to bed Here’s come the statement, it’s written in red Here comes the taxman to collect your debt Here’s come the hangman to chop off your head
Tidy Song 03:15
This house is a mess And I am living in this filth And the doctor would say That it is bad for my health But I have better, better things to do Than always tidy up after Is it any wonder that you can’t catch your breath When the air you’re breathing in is saturated with the dust from the last mess you made? Can you remember when was the last time you washed a plate? Aren’t you embarrassed that every room in this house is in a state?
Emily Tries 03:53
She sits on her shelf in her cardboard slip and cellophane She's looking down on the other toys And watching all their childish games When she's on her best behaviour She's at war with Mother Nature Hormonal fixes get you nowhere But self-control's an issue when you're near her What's the matter dear? Is hardwired dogma crawling up your spine? Don't come closer dear Because you might slip and lose your peace of mind. Your moral equation is simply outdated It doesn't do to come out with it in public Corsets, suspenders and double entendres You're working your way through clichés Put on a dress but it won't touch the ground Because you've grown, you’ve grown, you’ve grown, You’ve grown so much that the shelf might break If you don't decide, decide, decide which side to come Down with childlike innocence where Mother's word is writ, But your friends say you're an innocent, And besides it's so much fun being seductive. Emily tries Emily tries Emily tries But she misunderstands. She sits on her shelf in her cardboard slip and cellophane. She borrows dreams from the other toys Just to convince them she can play.
I don’t know quite where this is going to So I’ll just wait until the situation takes its toll We’ll take it in turns to have panic attacks About what we are doing Because we’re both new to the thought that This is a thing that might really happen I’ll pick apart every thought in my head And you’re keeping quite quiet about what I said But I guess what it comes to: I think I might like you You’re waiting for me to say that it’s ok A harmless flirtation that didn’t lead to nothing I kissed you because there was no reason not to Well, we can have arguments about who started it But it won’t change that we’re both actually fine with it More than that, possibly, we could be happy And maybe that means that this will all be ok


released April 25, 2016

Written by Emily Rowan
Arranged and performed by Emily Rowan & Frances Bolley
Mixed & Mastered by Frances Bolley

Art by Sarah Jewell




Flora Greysteel York, UK

Emily Rowan is a singer, piano basher, uke toter and glitter addict. Frances Bolley is a singer-songwriter who plays drums like the lead guitarist she is. Together they make music that has been described as "beautifully strange", "ecstatic melancholy" and "an emotional candy bar". ... more

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